Why corporate elearning is necessary for every organization?

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Last updated on: Jun 24, 2019 @ 2:36 am

One aspect of reality that hits job seekers is the need for training on the job regardless of employees skill set. Well, recruitment teams all over the world will tell you for a fact that no employee is a perfect match.

To bridge this gap between what employees already know versus what the job demands, training must be done. Fundamentally, employees need to stay informed on emerging aspects of the company and most importantly, their departmental operations.

Although corporate elearning is costly, there is no way around it. What alternative do you have to training your sales team on online sales strategies and marketing styles? Of course you can ask other teammates to teach a newcomer these things, but is it worth it if the person will be out the next day? What if you hire a temp worker to do a specific task or ask a freelancer from Fiverr to give you a hand with something? That makes you question if it is really a good idea to ask your team to spend their time educating workers.

So why not create a simple corporate elearning course for onboarding employee training and let staff use it for acquiring or refreshing their skills?

According to a report by Stratistics MRC global E-Learning market is expected to grow from $176.12 billion in 2017 to $398.15 billion by 2026. It means more and more companies trust corporate e learning and utilize its benefits. It is time to jump on that train!

Why corporate elearning is effective? For the following reasons:

  1. Fast paced

    For a corporation that understands the value of time, corporate elearning achieves an intended goal without removing employees from their core functions. It is possible to deliver an extensive training course within a short time and achieve great results.

  2. Role specific

    While a college education is good in preparing workers for the job market, what better way of training that teaching employees how to do their job? Corporate elearning is best used on building employees’ capacity on delivery within their placement stations.

  3. Direct company benefits

    You train your employees to be better at what they do so that they will help you to grow the vision of your company. It is that simple. Depending on the department they are in or the content of the training, the benefits are sometimes immediate. Corporate elearning always evolves with the needs of an organization.