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We create eLearning Courses and provide authoring tools

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We create eLearning Courses

design | build | publish



eLearning designers and developers you can trust

Adapt Courses is a top eLearning developer and designer with offices in Sydney and Gold Coast. We are a team of professional elearning designers delivering services onsite or remotely. Adapt Courses elearning developers creatively develop content that improves your workforce productivity via online induction and digital training.

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We design custom elearning courses to be used with popular LMS systems like Moodle or without them (simply accessible by a web link).

Our team is highly skilled in building innovative, creative and engaging learning experiences in Adapt Framework, Adobe Captivate, Articulate, Moodle LMS.

This example is a simple HTML5 elearning module built with Adapt Framework - you can achieve extraordinary results by using this learning format.


online course example
Top eLearning Designers in Australia trusted by companies globally. 
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A Better Way To Learn: Drive Performance Through Online Courses

Why do you need elearning designers? It’s simple: static powerpoint-driven work seminars are out and responsive elearning online modules are in. Good elearning designers will help organisations to develop engaging and smart training for their employees, clients, students or help customers to learn more about your company's values and practices.

Most of the time, we deliver online courses in SCORM format using responsive HTML5 templates to make courses accessible on mobile phones and desktop computers.

If your course doesn’t utilise elearning design to its maximum potential, you could miss the mark and lose interest.

Adapt Courses are in the business of empowering organizations to design, build and publish beautiful online courses that captivate and educate. Through purposeful design and expert development, our elearning designers ensure that your courses deliver measurable business results.

Easily convert your manuals, PowerPoints, and classroom-based training to interactive e learning training with our tools and services outlined below.

eLearning Designer Services

Create Online Training Modules

We offer unparalleled instructional and graphic design, development, and quality assurance services to ensure the courseware exceeds your expectations.

eLearning solutions you create with us can be packaged as SCORM file and accessed any time, anywhere and on any device.

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Adapt Authoring Tool

We provide cloud access to Adapt Authoring Tool and train your team to create engaging online courses.

No coding is required!

Courses are compatible with any LMS systems which support SCORM format

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Instructional Design

While anyone can create an e-learning project, only a skilled instructional designer will build e-learning that meets the specific learning objectives and needs of the audience.

We place the power to design an effective eCourse right into your hands.

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Moodle Training

We provide expert training on how to work with Moodle LMS - the best learning management system to host cutting-edge eLearning modules.

Our Moodle training services include a tutorial on moodle course development, a guide on setting up Moodle LMS in cloud and a webinar on how to create courses in Moodle.

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Training Content Development

Our team of content writers, photographers and videographers are here to help. Need to create a video course? We are here for you.

We make sure each e learning training course is uniquely designed for your specific business needs.

We place your learners in real life scenarios via our immersive learning strategies to ensure what they learn is quickly and easily applied to their day-to-day operations.

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Cloud Deployment

Our team is happy to provide hosting for your Moodle in Cloud.

Host your stand alone eLearning module on our AWS/Azure cloud, or set up a complete cloud LMS system tailored for your needs.

We can also setup Adapt Learning Tool in cloud for outstanding course development experience

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Web Content Accessibility GUARANTEE

WCAG 2 aa accessible elearning

There are many companies claiming they make responsive online learning modules compatible with any device and accessible for all audiences but they can’t back it up.

We guarantee we adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 when building any elearning course and guarantee flawless work in Google Chrome browser and all popular mobile browsers unless specifically noted in the process of task planning. 

eLearning Authoring tools we use

Adapt Learning
Adobe Captivate

Online Module Hosting Options

AWS Cloud
Azure Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

Make learning engaging. Do it smart.

Use the right technologies to engage learners, take them through tailored gamified situations and watch their skills grow with eLearning Developer (instructional designer) in Sydney.

When you partner with the best instructional designers Sydney has to offer, that’s exactly what you get. Using online learning will upskill your workforce and slash your HR induction costs.

We craft finely-tuned online learning modules to get your training memorized, better understood, and – you’ve guessed it – more efficient.

Finally, an eLearning Developer Sydney expert companies can rely on for corporate team education.